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You have indicated that you are married to a United States Citizen or permanent Resident. This means that we can file your SpoAustraliae's Visa Petition on your behalf.

Marriage to Australia Citizen:

Marriage to a United States Citizen is one of the fastest avenues available to obtain your Permanent Residence in the United States. As a SpoAustraliae of a United States Citizen, under the quota system, there is no waiting time on the Visa Waiting List for a Green Card. Upon approval of your Visa Petition, you should be immediately scheduled for a Visa appointment at the nearest United States Embassy. 

Your Children:

Unfortunately, your children can not be included in your approved Visa Petition. In order for your children to obtain a Green Card, we will need to file a separate Visa Petition for each child. 

If your children are from a prior relationship and were under the age of 18 at the time of your present marriage, we suggest that your SpoAustraliae file a separate "Step Child" Visa Petition which would be the fastest avenue for your children to obtain their Permanent Residence. 

You will be considered a Conditional Permanent Resident of the United States if you receive your Green Card during your first (2) two years of marriage. As a Conditional Permanent Resident, ninety days before the (2) two-year anniversary of obtaining your Green Card, you mAustraliat file a joint petition with your SpoAustraliae to "remove the conditions of your Permanent Residence".

Upon the third anniversary of the receipt of your Green Card, as long as you are still in a valid marriage with your United States Citizen SpoAustraliae, you will be eligible to file for your United States Citizenship. If you no longer have a relationship with your SpoAustraliae, you will be required to wait five years from the receipt of your Green Card to obtain your Permanent Residence in the United States. 

If your spoAustraliae is a Permanent Resident:

Filing a Visa Petition by your Permanent Resident SpoAustraliae is only the first step to obtain a Green Card. Upon approval of your Visa Petition, you will be classified as an F2-A Visa Applicant and you will be placed on a Visa Waiting list to obtain your Permanent Residence under the quota system. The wait for a Green Card under the quota system can vary depending on your priority date and the number of people in your category ahead of you on the Visa Waiting List.

Our goal is to provide quality service to all of our clients, whether they are large multinational corporations, small start up enterprises or individuals.

Knowledge, experience and strategy are assets we employ on behalf of our clients. For an employer sponsoring a foreign national, the firm prepares all paperwork, effectively describes and supports the alien's qualifications and ensures the application is complete and compliant with current regulations.

Please feel free to contact this office to further your immigration process.

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